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It doesn’t matter what your industry is, or what products and services you offer - digital marketing trends cannot be ignored. Not so long ago, companies needed little more than a website and a Facebook page, but now, the digital landscape is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. By now, there aren’t too many successful businesses that don’t have an online presence. In 2020, new technologies and tools will come to the fore, forcing marketers to adapt in order to keep their organizations at the top. After all, Digital Darwinism is an unforgiving reality. If you don’t adapt, [...]

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Article by: Digital Marketing Insitute Imagine this: You fell asleep at a friend’s New Year’s party and you’ve just woken up. The only thing is, it was Dec 31 2009 when you arrived but now you look at the calendar on the kitchen wall you realize it’s January 1st 2020! Just like that, 10 years have flown by! After you struggle out the door, you find yourself standing in a vaguely familiar street and you find that same battered old brown wallet in your back pocket. Somehow you were cryogenically frozen (but that’s a story for another day) and now you have [...]

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Why the Role of Digital Marketing is Vital to Your Business Growth


Article by: SHERMAN (LYFE MARKETING) Article date: OCTOBER 17, 2019 There’s a difference between surviving and thriving, and as a business owner, you’re probably familiar with it. But are you familiar with the role of digital marketing as it relates to your business? If a business is surviving, it’s doing okay. It’s breaking even, the owner is relieved. But if a business is thriving, it’s growing. Its revenue is increasing by leaps and bounds. Company employees are happy, and the owner is excited. It feels good to be in charge of a growing business, right? The question is though: what helps a business [...]

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Digital Marketing Strategies In 2020: Trends And Tips


Article by: Alex Chan (Digital Agency Network) Article date: 2 January 2020 As the new year sets in, it’s time to plan your 2020 digital marketing strategies. AntiSocial Solutions is a forward-thinking company, so we’ve compiled a list of 2020’s best marketing trends to help you and your business succeed in the new year. Artificial Intelligence Hearing the phrase Artificial Intelligence may bring up memories of eerie, apocalyptic sci-fi movies, but that is not the future we’ve arrived in. In reality, AI is an increasingly popular marketing tool and it has done wonders for digital automation– think Chatbots, engagement bots, and [...]

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Marketing vs Advertising: Will One Make You More Money Than the Other?


Article by: SHERMAN ( Lyfe Marketing) Article date: OCTOBER 28, 2019   Marketing vs Advertising: Will One Make You More Money Than the Other? Nothing is more aggravating for a business owner than spending the time, money and energy to create an outstanding advertising campaign, only to look over the data and realize that it was totally unsuccessful! No one saw your awesome ad. And you didn’t see the increase in business that you were anticipating. What went wrong? It may be a case of confusion when it comes to the differences between marketing vs advertising! Marketing vs Advertising: Is there a [...]

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HOW TO BECOME A PPC SPECIALIST Have you been considering making the switch to a digital marketing career? One of the main challenges of the digital industry is that many of the positions are not as "standard" as other jobs. It could be sometimes confusing to break into the industry, as many roles don't necessarily have specific training, certifications or degrees. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising needs an unusual mix of skills that can range from being creative, to highly analytical. And as the digital marketing industry becomes more specialized, the need for skilled PPC specialists is growing fast. In this article, we look at [...]

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Get Traffic to Your Website for Free by Following These Steps


Article by: SHERMAN (Lyfe Marketing) Article date: NOVEMBER 1, 2019 Who wouldn’t want to get traffic to your website for free? Website traffic is important: it’s been called the “lifeblood of small businesses” by HuffPost. As a business owner, your goal is converting people into customers. But if you don’t have any traffic on your website, you don’t have anybody to convert. You can’t survive without website traffic. If you’ve been running a business with a website for any length of time, you’ve experienced this principle firsthand. In order to make sales and get happy customers, you have to draw people to [...]

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Once upon a time, gamers were seen as schoolyard outcasts, work-shy dreamers, and lone rangers who struggled to fit into the real world. But now the old stereotypes are dead - from older women to athletes, kids to accountants, everyone is enjoying gaming now. Our world is rapidly becoming a gamer’s paradise, what with artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and mobile marketing growth. Tech Jury estimates that the gaming industry will be worth $180 billion in 2021. For years, the gaming industry has been an enigmatic challenge that many marketers have failed to crack. In a niche space where revenue was intrinsically linked [...]


45 Facebook Post Ideas That Generate High Engagement


Article by: RANDY (Lyfe Marketing) Article date: NOVEMBER 8, 2019 Running out of Facebook post ideas for your page? Facebook post equals engagement. Such a simple formula, and it has worked for countless businesses in the past. But is it still true today? Is it still that easy? The truth is that it has become harder now than it has ever been to see organic engagement on Facebook posts. Fans aren’t as easy to engage. Perhaps it’s because people are now more aware of how effective it has been, so there’s more competition. More companies are fighting for consumers’ attention. Now [...]

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How to Get Found on Google in 4 Easy to Follow Steps


Article by: KERAN SMITH (Lyfe Marketing) Article Date: NOVEMBER 3, 2019 In the modern digital marketplace, every brand is looking for a way to boost their visibility online. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to reach more customers is to improve your rankings on search engines like Google. But if you want to get found on Google, you’re going to need to put in some work. Search engine optimization takes time to work its magic. You can’t just write a great blog and expect the traffic to start pouring in. Instead, you’ve got to be strategic about where you [...]

How to Get Found on Google in 4 Easy to Follow Steps2019-12-19T09:00:25+08:00