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DMI Expert – Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Gain a Certified Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

This Postgraduate Digital Marketing course provides premium access to a digital world that is changing our culture. As a senior marketing leader, access razor-sharp strategy, practice and insight to take your place in this online world. Billions follow. Now is the time to step up and lead.

Perfect for when you don’t just want to play the digital marketing game anymore, you want to drive it. To change it. With certification you’ll stay in the digital game with free Membership, connecting you to industry, white-hot opportunities and the power to influence. Join the conversation.

What Will You Learn in the DMI Expert?

We give you the thinking and tools to become a leading player on the digital stage. Create powerful and dynamic digital strategy. See it manifest into real world, business-changing action. The modules are building blocks – of knowledge, of your vision of your future self. Here is what you need to know:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Strategy and Planning
  • Customer Experience (CX), E-commerce and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Search Marketing
  • Digital Selling
  • Essential Skills

Who is this DMI Expert for?

Being an Expert is about understanding and seeing a Bigger Vision and having the skills and insight to make it happen. It means having real and tangible capabilities to take your message, your brand or your career into unexplored territories. This is knowledge with breadth and depth. Knowledge of what’s new. And what’s possible. Few become Experts. But Experts lead many.

  • Smart marketeers who may already play the digital game but see bigger and bolder opportunities
  • Ideas people, change makers; those who need to bring white-hot digital strategy into the mix at boardroom level and beyond
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial
  • IT Managers
  • Small Business Owners who may or may not want to stay small
  • People who want to take their career to an exciting new place and realise that Certification opens more and better doors
  • Graduates with no plans to wait around
  • Anyone in marketing or business who wants to show the world what they can do


Upon completion, you will be awarded DMI’s Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing. It is certified by the DMI, validated by our industry partners, credit rated by the SQA in the United Kingdom and maps to Level 7 on the European Qualifications Framework which is recognized worldwide.

DMI Expert – Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

There are 6 modules in the DMI Expert:

DMI Expert – Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

How Is The DMI Expert Course Delivered?

The DMI Expert course will be delivered via:

  • Online Learning

Online Learning

Clever new Learning Platform is what they talk about when they talk about immersive. The user experience is smooth, seamless and all about you. Let it make you smart and happy on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Here’s how the latest version walks the talk on new:

  • Short courses called DMI SPRINTS (Analytics, Content Marketing, GDPR, UX Essentials, CX Essentials, Graphic Design). They’re called sprints because this is efficient learning that takes you where you want to go – fast
  • Up to 60% more learning interactions
  • Bite-sized lessons (10-20 minutes)

But that’s not all. DMI has also created a 360 degree learning environment for you, which we call MYDMI.

DMI Membership

We’re getting you in the game as a DMI Member

Right from the moment you sign-up for a course, you become a DMI Member, which means you join the conversation with a whole generation of marketeers around the globe who we’ve helped take their place at the leading edge. They are a living library of savvy and skills.

Being a DMI Member means being connected – to their smarts, to trends in industry, to experts who can bring unique insights to your work; to other great people with a task, vision or stellar trajectory like yours. You are connected to opportunities.

Here’s the small print on what you get:

  • Thought and practice-leading, world-class content from the edge of new
  • High-quality templates and toolkits. Looking the part is not just about smart casual
  • A career zone. Real insight from the inside
  • Industry news and analysis. The exciting stuff

As this is the game of perpetual motion, we’ve gone beyond what we offer you as a DMI Member and created not one but two other hot routes to perpetual relevancy

1. To keep you top of your game, we also give you Just-inTime (J-I-T) learning activities through webinars and online short courses called DMI SPRINTS.

DMI SPRINTS effective-straight-away-learning short courses in Analytics, Content Marketing, GDPR, UX Essentials, CX Essentials, Graphic Design.

Hot content. Always.

2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Certified Members is about being the best digital marketing professional that you can be – and taking the industry with you. You get access to a special CPD zone and rack up credits as you rack up fresh knowledge – 40 credits over 3 years means your Certification stays up-to-date. And so do you.

  • Recognition. CPD is a brilliant way for you to communicate just how great you are
  • You hold your status among an elite group of high performing digital marketing professionals. CPD is a Badge of Honor
  • You look the part on LinkedIn
  • You are empowered to expect a higher income
  • Access to key Skills Experts through our annual webinar portfolio
  • In-platform bitesize learning activities. Stay sharp
  • CPD Accredited eBooks and Webinars

Industry Validation


44 weeks

Online Learning (120 Hours)

1) Digital Marketing Consumer Research Project. (5,000 Word)

2) Digital Marketing Strategy Creation Project. (5,000 Words)

*Based on a real organization of your choosing and you have 44 weeks to complete.

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Did you know that 88% of of our Members are working at senior or management level?

Digital changes everything. Culture. Commerce. Community. And then digital goes and changes itself. Such is the rate of progress. Your ambition may be big and clear, but without the right digital skills, it is completely out of reach. And it’s not just about what you can do either – it’s also about what the world knows you can do.

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Online Learning

RM15900(including SST)
  • Fully HRDF Claimable (SBL Scheme)
  • Access to a dedicated course tutor
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