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How to Write a Prospecting Email that Gets Replies


Do you think that writing prospecting emails is difficult? It might seem like it, especially if you are not getting the type of response you are hoping for. When you write prospecting emails, you are not intending to be a spammer, but you might seem like you are if your email isn’t well thought out. As you write prospecting emails, put yourself in the shoes of the person who is reading it. What kind of reaction are they likely to have? Decision makers rarely answer the phone and don’t usually get back to you if you leave a voicemail message. The point [...]

How to Write a Prospecting Email that Gets Replies2019-07-15T15:45:43+08:00

Why Your Company Needs Content Marketing


Content Marketing has become a major part of the marketing landscape, seeing a steady rise in usage over the last number of years. In 2017, 39% of companies were expecting to increase their content marketing spend, with 45% keeping it the same, according to a PointVisible survey. But does it work? A recent poll from Vidyard and Ascend2 shows that just 35% of marketers believe that their content marketing and distribution strategy is “very successful”. In this article, we will pose the question of whether or not content marketing is a good choice for your business. Why content? To start, we must look at the reasons [...]

Why Your Company Needs Content Marketing2019-07-13T13:10:11+08:00

Wimbledon: Match Point for Content Marketing


“There's a certain beauty and majesty to Wimbledon. The elegance, the way the grass looks on TV.”- John McEnroe July is Wimbledon month, arguably the greatest tennis tournament of them all. Since its opening year in 1877, Wimbledon has emerged as the world’s most prestigious, and beloved, events, with a solid brand that is revered across the globe. Typically boasting over 300 million viewers across 200 countries, almost half a million also flock to the south London village to line up and get a taste of the action (and some strawberries and cream). What’s the secret to Wimbledon’s success? And how has its [...]

Wimbledon: Match Point for Content Marketing2019-07-13T10:34:40+08:00

The What, Why & How of Digital Transformation


The advent of sophisticated digital technologies has turned the traditional way that people communicate, collaborate and do business on its head. With the utilization of modern-day intelligence a must, organizations need to embrace the new world of digital by journeying on a digital transformation path. As a stepped program of business improvements to people, processes, and tools, digital transformation is geared towards maximizing the potential business contribution of online technologies and media. While many organizations have already embarked on transformation, others are struggling to get off the ground. Even though 87% of companies believe digital will disrupt their industry, only 44% are [...]

The What, Why & How of Digital Transformation2019-07-12T16:28:12+08:00

How Does Your Digital Marketing Compare: Benchmark Yourself Against the Competition


It’s natural to compare, to rate yourself, whether it’s competing in sport or business. If you want to succeed, you want to know how you rate compared with your peers, and where you need to improve relative to them. I believe that benchmarking the maturity of digital marketing capabilities is an essential approach for businesses who are serious about making the most of opportunities from digital communications/channels. If you want to be the “best-in-breed” in online marketing for your sector, or just to “get more returns from online”, you need a baseline to review marketing effectiveness against competitors. The power of [...]

How Does Your Digital Marketing Compare: Benchmark Yourself Against the Competition2019-07-12T15:08:53+08:00

How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer


The increasing hyperconnectivity of the digital world has broken down both physical and geographical barriers in many industries, meaning that people can produce work and remain productive wherever they are in the world, at any time. And digital marketing is no exception. The freelance economy is booming, with 56.7 million Americans doing freelance work today—up by 3.7 million just four years ago. The fastest growing segment of freelancers is those making $75,000 and up, with over a third in that category. With so many avenues and angles to explore, a constant rate of evolution and a growing number of touchpoints to exploit, more and more businesses are [...]

How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer2019-07-11T15:32:28+08:00

6 Hacks to Stretch Your Search Marketing Budget


As the old adage goes, you have to spend money to make money. And this holds true in the world of digital marketing. All too often, small businesses assume that digital marketing is a free or at least very cheap, way to attract sales. They toss up a 5-page website, create a couple of social media profiles, and post updates sporadically. But the reality of it is successful digital marketing costs money. Once a business recognizes this, the question is no longer “should we spend on marketing?” to “what marketing strategy will provide us with the highest ROI?” While we are [...]

6 Hacks to Stretch Your Search Marketing Budget2019-07-11T15:11:04+08:00

7 Ways to Increase Sales Using SEO


The survival of every business depends on sales, and in the modern climate, increasing sales requires having a strong digital presence. In 2017, E-commerce accounted for $2.3 trillion in global sales, and that number is expected to increase to $4.88 trillion by 2021. If you want your business to get a piece of those sales, then it’s critical to have a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in place. Increase your sales using SEO tools and technique guidance from the Digital Marketing Institute UK. It goes without saying that the world of E-commerce is cutthroat, and learning and implementing cutting-edge SEO [...]

7 Ways to Increase Sales Using SEO2019-07-10T14:15:06+08:00

3 SEO Basics You May be Missing


Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved significantly over the past few years. Search engines like Google and Bing have been updating their algorithms and machine learning processes to focus on the experience. Mobile optimization, site speed, site structure, and content, along with dozens of other signals are prioritized. Gone are the days when simply focusing on keyword density will earn you a spot on the first page of the search results. Read on to learn three SEO basics you may be missing, including creating engaging content, building a sitemap, and writing great headlines. 1. Creating Engaging, SEO-Friendly Content Engaging, comprehensive content [...]

3 SEO Basics You May be Missing2019-07-09T12:01:47+08:00

The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Email


Email Marketing There are many ways to segment and customize your messaging to customers but often overlooked is the humble email, a medium that is still delivering a significant ROI for businesses. According to the 2017 eConsultancy email marketing census: 75% of companies agree that email marketing delivers good to an excellent return on investment Email drove £29 billion worth of sales in the UK in 2016 Companies do not do enough to measure their success Only 30% of marketers consider themselves to be compliant with an EU law which comes into effect in 2018 With these statistics in mind, we've [...]

The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Email2019-07-09T11:13:30+08:00