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Raya Reward


Special Raya Promo If you’ve been planning to become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional expert, then there’s an opportunity coming up for you. In conjunction with upcoming festive seasons, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Excel Academy is doing a Raya Promotion for our Certified Digital Marketing Programme. Enrol in any Certified Digital Marketing Programme from Digital Marketing Institute, UK through us and get a free Huawei Tablet worth RM999. Hurry! Take advantage of this promotion NOW by registering before 17th May 2019! Terms and Conditions apply. Terms & Conditions The promotion is run by Excel Academy, a wholly owned [...]

Raya Reward2019-04-25T16:54:53+08:00

What is the Value of a Digital Marketing Certification?


Are you a new or seasoned digital marketer wondering what, if any value there is in obtaining a digital marketing qualification/certification? If you have any knowledge of digital marketing at all, you know that you are always going to be seeking more. More knowledge, more skills, and more ways to show potential clients or employers that you are the leader they are looking for to set their business apart. Adding qualifications/certifications to your resume is one of the best ways to do this while setting yourself up for success. It is a widely accepted fact that becoming a digital marketer does not [...]

What is the Value of a Digital Marketing Certification?2019-04-24T10:53:50+08:00

3 Ways to Grow Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates


Whether you’re selling your latest e-book to accompany your online business or are simply looking for creative ways to get people interested in your newest product, the success of your e-commerce store relies heavily on your conversion rates and how effective your current  e-commerce platform is at getting your digital or tangible products in the hands of your target customers. If you’re in the midst of rehashing your e-commerce strategy or want a clear-cut idea of what online sales tactics are leading to the most growth, measuring your e-commerce conversion rates as a key performance indicator (KPI) can provide you with valuable insights to revise [...]

3 Ways to Grow Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates2019-04-23T17:07:29+08:00

Campaign Tips for the Tourism Sector (Part II)


As we read in the first part of this article, the global tourism market generates over $1.3 trillion in revenue per year. This type of value means that the sector is very competitive and needs to use digital marketing strategies to rise above the competition. In the second part of this article, we’ll explore the remaining 6 tips for digital marketing success! 6) Use Technology For Marketing ‘Experience’ Travel is all about the experience, and it starts before a booking is even made. Help travelers get a feel for your destination, hotel, attraction, or activity using online tools. Interactive visual content is particularly useful – [...]

Campaign Tips for the Tourism Sector (Part II)2019-04-22T09:11:52+08:00

8 Ways Educators Can Benefit from the Digital Skills Shortage


The modern workplace is facing a serious digital skills shortage. Demand for technical proficiency outstrips supply, and companies find it difficult to find workers with the right expertise. The Digital Marketing Institute’s latest research demonstrates the issue of the skills shortage is the second most significant challenge for marketing leaders while recruiting the right talent is the fourth biggest obstacle in the US, UK, and Pacific region. The speed of technological change, inadequate skills training in higher education, and stagnant professional courses which all contribute to a costly lack of proficiency in the workforce. In fact, a deficiency of digital skills costs the economy approximately £63 billion per year in [...]

8 Ways Educators Can Benefit from the Digital Skills Shortage2019-04-17T12:24:04+08:00

How Do Countries Rate on Digital Skills?


Organizations around the world have been working hard to varying degrees to be ready for the digital transformation that is currently facing global economies. Their current readiness will ensure their future success as new technologies such as AI and automation force companies to re-imagine how they operate. In this article, we examine the biggest challenges for companies and their workforces across geographies. The widening talent gap There’s a big problem looming on the horizon for the digital and tech sector. The struggle currently being experienced in finding talent has the potential of turning into a full-blown crisis in the next few years. According to [...]

How Do Countries Rate on Digital Skills?2019-04-17T11:28:03+08:00

6 L&D Trends That Will Impact Your Workforce


As digital technology becomes both more robust and complex, it also becomes easier and more difficult to use. It allows businesses and professionals to achieve more than ever before in a faster amount of time. However, technology can also be difficult as it continuously presents something new to learn. That's why more companies are looking at forming or reinforcing their Learning & Development (L&D) departments. We no longer live in a world where a business uses the same methods and technologies that they did 20 years ago. Today’s businesses must keep abreast of new technological and business developments. If they don’t, they'll be overtaken by competitors [...]

6 L&D Trends That Will Impact Your Workforce2019-04-17T10:30:13+08:00

What Should You Do When a Social Media Platform Fails?


On March 13th 2019, Facebook suffered the most prolonged outage in its history. For several hours, users lost access to the social network, as well as the other major platforms in its family, Instagram and Whats-app. Some people lost access for several hours. In our hyper-connected world, the sudden loss of three prominent social networks was startling. For digital marketers, the situation was a nightmare leaving scheduling tools broken and campaigns to go awry. So how should you prepare for possible outages in the future? In this article, we’ll break it down into three phases: dealing with the immediate issue, post-outage recovery, and [...]

What Should You Do When a Social Media Platform Fails?2019-04-17T10:05:36+08:00

10 Tips on How to Excel in Your Digital Marketing Career


Have you decided that you are ready to launch your career in digital marketing? No wonder, it is one of the fastest growing industries, growing three times faster than the pace of the United States GDP, and that growth is expected to continue. There are a few reasons for this, a key one being that it’s one of the top 10 earning careers that can be started without a degree. More and more people are realizing that the skills required to become a successful digital marketer are not necessarily being taught in traditional, four-year degree programs. So what does it take to be a successful digital marketer? [...]

10 Tips on How to Excel in Your Digital Marketing Career2019-04-17T08:56:00+08:00

What Key Skills Are Needed to Drive Digital Transformation?


Digital transformation is a development that businesses have been cognizant of for a number of years. Ever since computers started making their way into offices, enterprises have been the first to appreciate the primary benefit of digital technology: speed. But in the 21st century, the array of different applications of digital transformation is staggering. Speed is no longer the only benefit, as everything from interactivity to accessibility is affected by the convenience, power, versatility, and speed of digital technology. Digital transformation is propelling businesses forward as technologies advance at an incredible pace. It's the workforce with key skills that will be set to exploit these [...]

What Key Skills Are Needed to Drive Digital Transformation?2019-04-16T14:50:41+08:00