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What Does a SEM Specialist Do?


Are you ready to take your digital marketing skills in a new and exciting direction? Do you have the knowledge of search engine results pages (SERP) to bring a company’s web page to the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Perhaps a career in search engine marketing is right for you. There has never been a better time to make the transition—as more businesses than ever are coming to the realization that in order to stay competitive they have to manage their online presence and not only optimize their search engine rankings, but use them to market their business. In [...]

What Does a SEM Specialist Do?2019-03-24T12:48:27+08:00

What your website would look like if designed by… [INFO-GRAPHIC]


Digital marketing is a booming industry that offers businesses new and innovative ways to engage with customers and has created millions of jobs across disciplines. Just think in the retail sector alone, online global e-commerce sales are projected to reach $4.8 billion by 2021. With so much revenue at stake, it's no surprise that the industry requires specialists with niche skills that can drive traffic, leads and revenue. As the starting (and persuasion) point for many customers, a website is one of the most important things to get right, not only to drive conversions, but also to showcase best what a brand has to [...]

What your website would look like if designed by… [INFO-GRAPHIC]2019-03-24T12:08:23+08:00

How Can Marketers Differentiate a Valuable Trend from a Fad?


From fashion to music, trends and fads come and go. However, what separates a fad from a trend is staying power. Trends tend to gain widespread momentum, while fads appear in contained bursts appealing to a smaller group or entity. As a marketer, being able to spot trends provides you with an edge to get in on the ground level before your competition. At the same time, depending too heavily on fads can be costly especially if you jump on the bandwagon after everyone else has moved on. Here are some tips to help you differentiate a trend from a fad so that [...]

How Can Marketers Differentiate a Valuable Trend from a Fad?2019-03-24T11:01:46+08:00

How Are Jobs Evolving in the Digital Marketplace (& What Does it Mean for Education)?


We're living in a world where career considerations have to include a future-proofing plan. Many people live in fear that their jobs will be lost due to artificial intelligence and other forms of technology. However, learning to look at the changing digital marketplace as evolutionary can provide a clear picture of how continuing education can help improve chances for job security today and into the future. As jobs evolve and skills gaps widen, employees and employers need to look for ways to upgrade skills to ensure their skills and knowledge are relevant. For the education sector, these changes can provide great opportunities provided colleges, universities and [...]

How Are Jobs Evolving in the Digital Marketplace (& What Does it Mean for Education)?2019-03-21T10:09:36+08:00

10 Key Attributes of Viral Videos


Viral videos are a marketer’s dream. Whether you get lucky and create something for free that spreads across social media channels or invest some serious cash to get the results you want, a viral video is marketing gold. So, what does it take to go viral? In some cases, it might just be dumb luck, but truth be told, you have to give it your best effort to create something unusual to get people to hit that share button. Here are 10 key attributes that can help your videos go viral. 1. Astounding Personality If you are using a speaker, they have [...]

10 Key Attributes of Viral Videos2019-03-21T10:20:31+08:00

How to Use Facebook Analytics


For many people around the world, Facebook is one of the most useful and ubiquitous social media platforms for connecting with friends and family, as well as meeting new people with common interests. But for businesses, Facebook is not just about maintaining social connections. The social media platform can also be a crucial marketing tool. It lets businesses reach out to their target demographic and even get valuable insight into customer behaviour and preferences and what can be done to entice prospects to learn more or even purchase a product or service. All of these desirable results are contingent on getting the kind of [...]

How to Use Facebook Analytics2019-03-24T11:43:11+08:00

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Messenger Marketing & Chatbots


Facebook Messenger marketing is one of the most influential tactics available to marketers today. Messenger marketing gains enormous scale when it’s backed by powerful chatbots. In this article, I want to explain exactly how Facebook Messenger marketing works, what role chatbots play, and how you can use this tactic to improve and boost your marketing activities. What is Facebook Messenger marketing (and where do chatbots fit in)? First, the 30,000-foot view. Facebook Messenger Marketing is the use of Facebook Messenger as a conversational channel for reaching individuals at scale with targeted messages. The concept is about as simple as it gets. You [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Messenger Marketing & Chatbots2019-03-18T10:41:05+08:00

How to Become an In-Demand Digital Professional in the UK


There has been extensive discussion about the digital skills shortage in the UK and its potential to pose a threat to the economy costing £140 billion in lost growth in the next decade. The digital skills crisis is a complex issue that stems from the rapid pace of technological change, a lack of appropriate training, restricted access to skilled workers, and regional concerns. In addition, the uncertainty of Brexit has made employers nervous and unsure about the future of their company and workforce. However, if leveraged correctly, the skills gap can create new career opportunities for graduates and professionals willing to learn and bolster [...]

How to Become an In-Demand Digital Professional in the UK2019-03-15T10:18:26+08:00

The Cost of Social Media Advertising: Where’s the Value?


If you have ever wished you were a fly on the wall to see what your competitors are up to, here’s a bit of insight you might want to hear: There’s a good chance they’ll be investing more in social media ads. According to a CMO report, social media advertising budgets are expected to almost double by 2023. There’s a good reason for that. Last year, there was a 13% rise in people using social media. That’s 3.196 billion people, and studies show that 70% of North Americans use social media. The interest in digital platforms continues to rise. Reviewing the stats will help you [...]

The Cost of Social Media Advertising: Where’s the Value?2019-03-14T09:17:39+08:00

5 of the Best E-Commerce Platforms


E-commerce is a vital avenue for businesses looking to improve their client base and push key products and services. E-commerce platforms provide you with the means to not only build a website but an online store, improving product visibility and brand awareness. These platforms possess strong mobile and social outreach, capitalizing on ever-evolving technology and communication channels. To truly take advantage of e-commerce platforms, they must match your business model's needs. There are so many e-commerce platforms available, but the five listed here are ideal solutions for companies looking to evolve in digital marketing and sales. 1. Shopify Of all the e-commerce platforms [...]

5 of the Best E-Commerce Platforms2019-03-13T15:37:56+08:00